Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chocolate "Cheat" Cake

Okay, get ready y'all, I know this looks like any old ordinary chocolate cake but it's not. It's stealthy. There's no way to know by just looking at it. It is the only chocolate cake that I have ever made and fallen madly in love with. (I have a confession- I am not a chocolate person. Crazy I know. Occasionally I'll drink chocolate milk or eat a truffle but that's about it. Bringing me to the reason why I love this cake sooooo much...) The icing on this baby tastes just like the inside of a Lindt Truffle (please tell me you've had one of these before, Please?!!). In fact I am thinking I could probaby chill this icing and scoop out little balls of goodness, dunk them in a chocolate coating and serve them as truffles. But you know what? Who cares about any of that stuff... you have to make this cake. I promise all of you, that everyone, will love it!

It's called a Chocolate "Cheat" Cake because all we are doing is jazzing up a boxed cake mix (I won't tell if you won't) with some pudding and sour cream. The pudding makes it super moist and I don't know a single person who doesn't love a moist cake. The cake could survive on it's own but when pared with this icing, oh lord forgive me for I know not what I do. Yes, it's that good. Baby Cakes took a spoon to it telling me sarcastically all the while that "it's no good, you shouldn't use this on the cake, I'll get rid of it (with his what you looking at pretty boy smirk)". He's silly but he's cute and gosh darn it I like him.

Now on with the show, drum roll please...

Chocolate "Cheat" Cake


1 (18 oz.) box of any Chocolate Cake Mix
1 (4 oz.) box of any Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix
1 cup of sour cream
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
4 large eggs


Pre-heat the oven to 350°F and grease you sheet pan.

Put all of the ingredients into the bowl of your mixer, or just any big bowl, and mix on low for about a minute. Scrape down the sides of your bowl using a rubber spatula and mix again on low for 2 or so minutes. (The batter will be super thick but combined.)

Pour the batter into your pan and smooth it out with your rubber spatula.

Bake for about 30 minutes (mine took about 27 minutes) and just set aside for as long as it takes to cool completely on the counter at room temp.

Fudge Icing


Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips (6 oz.)
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 cup room temp. butter, 2 sticks
2 1/2 cups of confectioner's sugar, sifted
1 tablespoon corn syrup


Get a large bowl, fill it with ice and then set it in the sink.

In a mid size saucepan over medium low heat melt the chocolate, cream, butter and corn syrup together, stir constantly.

As soon as the mixture is smooth and completely melted turn off the heat and stir in the powdered sugar, until you can see no tell tale sign of there having been powdered sugar. (About 1 minute)

Take the saucepan and nestle it into the bowl of ice- DO NOT GET AN ICECUBE IN THE CHOCOLATE, LORD HAVE MERCY- and beat with a electric mixer on low speed for about 5 minutes. It will be smooth and really thick but still pliable.

Spread it onto the "cheat" sheet cake and you have yourself a winner. Yum-eee! Yum.

(and I know, after seeing all the steps there's no way this could be classified as a "cheat" cake, I just liked the name. XOXO.)

You know, I made this for my father-in-laws birthday and really didn't get to see or hear anyone trying it, other than the BCakes and me, so I don't know that anyone even liked it but it's hard to imagine that they wouldn't. I am making this one again, SOON and I will let you know what my chica's say about it.

Oh and just in case anyone was wondering, this is a mixture/combo from so many diffrent recipes (not one from other bloggers!) that I have tweaked so many times that it has offcially become my own. Wink.



  1. My daughter is making this as we speak, and I only have one there any way to make it easier to print a recipe?

  2. You know I really should look into that. I didn't think about anyone printing them. lol.

    Thanks for letting me know and please, let me know how it turns out.


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