Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frito Taco Salad

I have been sick. I am on the upside of sick but still I've been sick. I hibernated in my bed for days, slept, visited the doctor, have/had taken multiple medications and have finally re-entered the non zombie world. It's back to work, back to life as normal and back to cooking. I must admit though that having the hubs cook, or ahem help cook, has been quite nice.

It had been days since BCakes had tasted a home cooked meal. I had been living on mainly chicken noodle soup and he has been completely burnt out on fast food so he really wanted a "real" meal. Enter one of the easiest and fastest meals ever and it was his idea. Go him!

When BCakes and I were dating we ate many a meal at his parents house and one of the revolving recipes there just happened to be a salad, namely a taco salad. Now my M.I.L. didn't use any meat in this salad but the hubs wasn't having that so I abliged and he cooked up some ground beef to add along. In all honesty I really don't feel like it needs it. There are enough things going on in this recipe and you actually don't even notice that there was meat in there. It's probably because the beans are so hearty. So next time no meat! Anyway my wonderful husband assisted me in making this super simple salad.

Frito Taco Salad
recipe from Lynn Bennett

1 pound hamburger mean, cooked and drained
2 cans red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 head of lettuce, rinsed and chopped
1 tomato, diced
1 small bottle catalina dressing, desired amount
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
2-4 cups fritos corn chips
seasoning to taste

In a large bowl combine all the ingredients and toss to coat in dressing. Voila, that's it and it is so yummy.

I personally add the dressing and fritos last. Dressing because you don't actually need the entire bottle and fritos because you want them to keep the crunch.

This is going to be one of our go to meals from now on. I had comepletely forgotten about it but I doubt I ever will again. The flavor combo, although simple, works really well together.


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