Monday, September 20, 2010

Cranberry Onion Pork Tenderloin

I have a confession, I have never, not once before, used a crockpot. Although I know those who have and even have a cookbook full of slow-cooker recipes, I personally have never even taken it out of the cabinet. Until now.

One of my best friends in the whole wide world (and actually my Aunt), Maggie, told me about a recipe she created the other day. I can't tell you how, when or why but I can tell you that the second she told me about it, actually she was probably still telling me about it, I yelled give me the recipe. Anything that mixes meat and fruit together is making it's way into my stomach at some point. I might have mentioned this in a earlier post but I do do do love me, wink, some fruit and meat dishes. I was a little nervous about the slow cooking however and thought maybe I should cook it on my day off but no, what's the point if I don't take advantage of this while I am infact at work, hence too busy to want to or to actually cook dinner in the evening? I have offically slow cooked.

This dish was simply enough amazing. For various reasons, first I didn't make it through the door until almost 9 pm, had some errands to run after work, and would not have cooked had it not been for the slow cooker. All I had to do was heat up some veggie, Steamfresh and an Uncle Ben's microwave pouch of rice and tada dinner in done. Secondly, it was one of the best pork dishes I have ever eaten, ever! It was flavorful, tender, infact when I tried to cut it it just shred hence the "pulled pork" in the pictures below. And the sauce that it made? It was like an au jus but instead of beefy it was cranberry and pork. Grrrrr. Yum! Infact this could have oh so easily made a wonderful pork sandwich with au jus for dipping. Lightbulb moment! Wink.

Baby Cakes loved it, I, most importantly, loved it. Everything about it is loveable. What's not to love?

Cranberry Onion Pork Tenderloin
recipe shared by me from Maggie Bollom

1 lb or more pork tenderloin*
1 can cranberry sauce
1 packet lipton onion soup mix
1 cup water

Put the pork tenderlion into the crockpot.

Roughly break the cranberry sauce apart in a bowl using a fork. Add the onion soup mix and water to the cranberry sauce bowl and mix together; pour over the pork.

Now put the lid on the crockpot, turn it on low and cook for 8 hours.

*our tenderloin came with 2 smaller ones in one pack but it equalled the same amount so I cooked them both.

You will be so glad that you made this. It is incredible and I can't even wrap my head around how easy a slowcooker makes getting dinner on the table. I am in love.

Oh and just a side note, I did take pictures of what the tenderloins looked like coming out of the slow cooker but when Baby Cakes saw them the things he said they reminded him of well, let's just say they are not appetizing. So with that in mind I chose to only show pictures of the shredded pork.

Oh and please don't judge my pictures like I said it was after 9 and I just wanted to get it plated and on the table. I wouldn't win an award for presentation and then again I'm not trying to.


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