Friday, June 25, 2010

Chicken Fried Venison and Gravy

The other day I didn't get home until late. Normally on these days it is a fend for yourself kind of dinner siutation but this day Baby Cakes told me that he would be cooking for me. Honestly the man never cooks so of course I assume that means he really can't cook. But no big deal, the thought is super sweet. I mean he worked all day too and then he is going to cook for me? He's a sweety. I drove home thinking I would probably be sweet about it, take a few bites and then sneek a peanut butter and jelly sandwich later when I got really hungry.

I pull into the garage and he comes out to greet me. He's smiling really big and I instanly think somethings up. Inside we go and I smell chicken fried steak, yum!, and am thinking 'hmmm, he didn't?!'. He did y'all, he cooked fried venison backstrap and even made a homemade gravy along with it. The first thing I asked after I tasted it was did your mom come over and make this? He laughed and said no although he did call her when he had a question. It was perfectly cooked, well seasoned and the gravy, the gravy tasted almost like my Daddies homemade gravy. The gravy that all of us kids (my siblings), even as adults now, will go on and on about as we cover anything and everything we can grasp in this gravy and devour it. Michael can just about make my Daddies gravy (Daddy adds one more secret ingedient to his gravy but I won't tell what it is!). I am in shock.

After we ate and I was done swooning over him, (I swear I fell in love with this man all over again) I asked him why he had never cooked like this for me before? His answer, spoken like a true man, was "because then you would make me cook all the time". Oh he is damn right!

Now the following directions are per Baby Cakes, typed and commented on by me...

Fried Venison and Homemade Gravy

Venison Backstrap, sliced 1/2-1/3 inches thick
Flour, seasoned with salt/pepper
Seasoning Salt
Salt & Pepper

Heat oil over medium/high heat.

Batter the venison on milk and flour. Set on dish until they are all done.

Gently place them in the skillet and fry until golden brown.

Take out and place them on a plate lined with multiple paper towels to drain grease.

Now pour out a majority of the oil, leaving about 2-3 tbs. in the skillet.

Over medium/low heat add 2 heaping tablespoons of flour into the skillet and stir. Keep stirring until the flour mixture is light brown. (Also known as making a roux.)

Once you have the desired color stir in a bit of milk at a time, stirring the whole time until smooth.

Season with seasoning salt and black pepper.

Stir until thick enough and then pour into a bowl.

Serve it all together while still hot.

I think that the most amazing part of this is that my husband made a roux without burning it, all on his own. He made the best dinner I have had in so long. There is a slight fear that he could out cook me now. Hmmm, could be trouble.

Honestly, nothing is sexier than a man who can cook. It certainly gets other aspects of the relationship cooking as well. Can I get an Amen? lol.


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