Thursday, December 23, 2010

Amaretto Hard Sauce

My Nanny, Green Nanny as I’ve heard her called in the past being as her last name is Green, is down from Idaho for Christmas this year and that means that my Mother’s side, part of them- really just sisters and Mother, are joining in the Jones side festivities. Would you like to know what else that means? It means that I do not have such a heavy work load when it comes to the list of items I am to make (for this particular Christmas party- 2 more to go) and carry over. Whew. This also means that I will be feasting on my Nannie’s Apple Pie and Sweet Potatoes. Yum! I rarely share recipes from that side of the family because like I’ve said in the past I really got the majority of my culinary experience from my Daddies side of the family. However, I have blogged one recipe from the Green side of the family, Goulash O’Neil. So although y’all have no idea to what amazing dishes my non-southern side of the family serves let me tell you that it could very possibly rival some southern dishes, just sayin’.

Anyway, I ramble, so because I haven’t any baking to do for Christmas Eve and because I wanted to contribute something and cannot possibly go somewhere empty handed, I wracked my brain trying to think of something to share with everyone, other than the Eggnog Fudge, and recalled seeing this Hard Sauce recipe on The Pioneer Women’s blog during Thanksgiving. Ta-da, I’ll bring Hard Sauce for Nannies Apple Pie. I contributed and can rest easy. GRIN.

When I saw the ingredient list I thought this is exactly like buttercream frosting, or my Momma’s version of it anyway but it’s not. The difference being that butter cream is mostly powdered sugar and this sauce is mostly butter. Paula Deen would eat it with a spoon and truth be told so could I. It is really good. I had no problem using my finger to clean the mixing bowl.

Everyone who tried it liked it, once I told my Nanny what was in it she asked "could you pour me a glass?", lol.

Amaretto Hard Sauce
recipe from

1 stick softened (not room temperature) Butter
1 ½ cups Powdered Sugar
2 Tablespoons Amaretto

Beat butter in mixer with paddle attachment until fluffy. Add powdered sugar gradually until incorporated, scraping sides of the bowl twice during the process.

Add whiskey and beat again, scraping the bowl to make sure everything gets mixed together.

Spoon into a bowl and serve, or keep in the fridge (it will last for days covered in plastic wrap) until you need it.

NOTE: The hard sauce will harden in the fridge, so be sure to remove it at least a couple of hours before you want to serve. Hard sauce should be smooth and easily spooned onto desserts.

Serve on warm pie. Yum!

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


  1. Yummy...this looks like something I would love...sugar, booze and butter, cant go wrong! Love your blog!

  2. Thank you, I plan on spending some time on your blog tomorrow. Thanks for checking me out!


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