Saturday, March 27, 2010

Plum Chicken over Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Today was a beautiful day. The hubs woke me up early with the smell of sausage and eggs cooking. (That's right ladies eat your hearts out, not only does my husband hunt and gather he cooks and cleans too. How I got him I don't know. Seriously.) So anyway after the not so good looking but actually quite tasty breakfast that I didn't have to cook the hubs took me, wait for it, garage saleing. I know!

We haven't been in quite some time what with buying a house and all but I had cash in my pocket, money to burn. I found 4 things but nothing I was looking for, I found 2 recipe books, a book about low maintenance gardens and a very heavy cast iron outdoor candle holder (keep the skeeters away). Baby Cakes found a deer feeder and an old glass coleman lantern, he looooovvvesss old coleman lanterns, I don't even know how many he has. The truth is it doesn't even matter if we found a thing to buy it's just one of our favorite things to do. Spring really is for lovers.

After all he had done for me today I decided to cook him some dinner to show my appreciation, I say that because I am usually off on fridays and saturdays. Remember Black Cherry Chicken over Sweet Potatoes well this evening I made a version with plum jelly instead of black cherry jelly. So without further ado Plum Chicken over Mashed Sweet Potatoes...

I know it looks just like the other but the taste is so not like the other. If you want to try it just click on, well click this and make it with that recipe only with plum instead of black cherry. (I also pounded out the chicken this time to cut down on cooking time.)

Baby Cakes likes this one over the other. I like both, I'll let you decide for yourself which one you like. Check check check it out (trying to rap there, gosh I am so caucasian).

Until next time,

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