Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

Two things:

One being that this morning I am excempt from work, the 45 minutes drive would just be too dangerous (due to ice) plus a bridge, or two or four, on my way there are shut down. So I don't have to fret over black ice, but the hubs did, although he made it without a hitch and he's safe and sound at work now. (He called me to tell me that he hit a few patches of ice but because he drove the entire way going only 20 miles per hour he just kind of slowly slid over them. Scary.) AT&T is making him and all the guys stay at the garage today and take classes, so I can breathe easy for now.

And two, it snowed y'all. Barely but it counts, I just saw it and had to take some pictures to share...

This is the first thing I saw when I looked outside this morning,

So I ventured out and took a shot from the driveway,

The sidewalk to the driveway? Ice.

And I just have to share the bird bath from the backyard...

They have thier very own ice skating rink!

And just because I can, also in the backyard...

I also want to say that these pictures might see a bit odd to people who regularly get snow but in Southern Texas we rarely get it. My entire childhood it snowed twice and it never stuck, it would melt as soon as the sun came out. It has only been in the last four years that it has snowed, once per season, so I still get giddy over it.

Happy Snow Day,

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh snow in Texas! A magical thing! I remember when it was special, then I moved to the midwest for college and the snow got really old quick!


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