Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weight Watchers

I want to apologize for my shortness of posts lately and although I have every intention of cooking more henceforth posting more I wanted to let you, my reader or readers, know that the blog is changing a bit. You see I have some personal things going on in my life that merit a change and that change is my weight and although I won’t be making this a weight loss blog per say I will be posting recipes with their Weight Watchers points value. I will continue cooking regular foods only with some healthy stuff tucked in there too, because Baby Cakes doesn’t need a diet. I have just found it too hard to separate my blog life from my personal life especially since they both concern food. This is probably the first and last thing I will say about Weight Watchers as I am not being paid to advertise, no it's more like I’m paying them to advertise.

See you soon, real soon,

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