Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly

Okay, before I even post this I need you to understand something, looking at the recipes I post on this baby, obviously, we DO NOT eat like this everyday. Not even once a month. This is not something I would recommend on a regular basis. However, once you've had it you'll see, the craving will hit you out of nowhere. Here's a fact, I have been with Michael for about 3 years and I have only made this for him twice. That being said...

Back in my school days I had a friend who had the munchies quite often and she would make these random things. This is a junior version of one of the favorites (her's were three or four layers of gooey warm buttery goodness). I actually prefer the regular old single layer.

A bit of advice before and if you make this- the peanut butter and jelly will ooze out during cooking so just be ready for that. Because of this I normally only use a small amount of both. (This is not a formal recipe, I don't measure a thing and can't or won't even begin to guess.) Now, let's just get down it.

Serves 1

2 pieces bread, your choice (I am a whole grain girl)
peanut butter
jelly (again, your choice- grape here.)

Basically make a peanut butter and jelly and fry it up like a grilled cheese.

I will never look up the calories on this- I have no desire to know, neither should you, just enjoy it, you know you want to.

Love me some gooey goodness,

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